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The LCD display light will automatically switch off if no control buttons are pressed for 20 seconds in order to save power. If the breastpump unit is left on and unattended for more than 60 minutes, the control system will automatically power off. To turn unit back on, hold the power-on button for several seconds. The pump can be operated using the power cord or 6 AA batteries.

The breast milk collection bottles are designed to fit across the entire Lansinoh breastpump range. The two-piece lids allow mom to store breastmilk in the bottles, or using the collar and NaturalWave nipple, baby can be fed directly from the same bottles used for pumping.

Also, moms can pump directly into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags with the use of any Lansinoh pumps, saving moms breastmilk transfers and time.

Breast Feeding Tommee Tippee Express and Go Breast Milk Starter Kit
  • Choosing to express gives you back some well-deserved freedom and flexibility, but the whole process can get messy and complicated
  • Express and Go range makes everything easier
  • By using a single pouch to express, store, warm and feed, there's no need to transfer milk at any stage, so you'll never lose a precious drop! Key features: * Starter Set contains all you need to turn your favourite pump into part of the Express and Go System ensuring you protect every drop of breast milk
  • * Pre-sterilised Express and Go pouches - use just one to express, store, warm and feed, so no transfers, no waste
  • * Breast pump adapter set to fit with Medela, Lansinoh, Evenflo, Ameda, Philips Avent & Tommee Tippee
Breast Feeding Only baby manual
Breast Feeding The First Years Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer

About the product

  • Spring-loaded drawer freezes milk flat and pushes it up front
  • Load the rack from the back for "first-in, first out" storage
  • Cover included to keep breast milk isolated from other items in the freezer, and can be used to hold bags for extra storage
  • Works with most brands of milk storage bags
  • Dishwasher safe, range Birth + Up
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 14.00 x 4.85 x 6.35 Inches
Breast Feeding Dr Gym manual breastpump

Manual Breastpump And Feeding Set is the best choice for you and your baby. Breast milk changes naturally to meet your baby’s nutritional needs at each stage of development. It stimulates your hormones, helping your uterus contract back to its pre-pregnancy size. You will find breastfeeding a very rewarding experience. However, breastfeeding isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you might need a little help. We help you by providing unique and qualitiy product and will make the experiance a successful one.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft and comfortable breast shield for natural suction
  • Single hand operation
  • Allows you to feed where you want, when you want.
  • Adapter cap can be used with regular and wide neck bottles.
  • Easy to clean
  • Handle snugly molds into hand.
Breast Feeding Nuby Natural Touch Digital Electric Breast Pump
  • Electrical breast pump ideal for everyday use, with both stimulation and expression functions
  • The digital display has 5 settings for suction and 5 for speed, to adjust to your flow rate
  • The cup is made from soft silicone for added comfort
  • Quiet and discreet, with a clock to monitor expression time
  • With award-winning Natural Touch Easy-Latch bottle for easy transition between breast and bottle
Breast Feeding MAM Manual Breast Pump

The perfect blend of function and design

The Manual Breast Pump from MAM has been developed with real attention to detail and it can be adapted to meet individual needs. There are three reasons why expressing milk with the Manual Breast Pump is very pleasant and simple

The suction controller

This allows the suction strength to be adjusted easily to your individual preference. When it's turned all the way to the right, the vacuum is held for up to three seconds. In this position, lots of milk can be expressed quickly and easily

The adjustable funnel with soft breast pads

The funnel is angled slightly and can be turned all the way round. This allows you to set the position that you find most comfortable. Soft breast pads in the funnel provide a secure fit and a pleasant sensation on the skin

The ease of use

The Manual Breast Pump consists of just four parts. It's therefore very quick and easy to assemble and clean.

Incl. 1x Anti-Colic 130ml & 2 Sealing Discs

Breast Feeding Medela Ice Pack for Breastmilk Storage

About the product

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Contoured shape fits around breastmilk bottles perfectly.
  • Keep an extra in the freezer so you always have one ready to use.
  • Ice pack for Medela portable breastpump cooler bags.

he S2 boasts so many great features and is designed to truly meet the needs of moms wanting to feel confident that they have an effective, powerful breast pump to support supply while also incorporating features to make life a little easier. Like all Spectra pumps, the S2 is a closed system - a physical barrier between the milk and the pump ensures hygiene and motor performance. With a maximum suction strength of 250mmHg and the ability to be used as a single or double pump, plus a host of additional features. The S2's completely flexible, touch button, with the S2 pump's digital controls allow you to set the pumping program to the speed and rhythm most effective for your body. The suction is adjustable in both let-down and expression mode. This quiet pump also includes a timer and night light.

  • Designed to deliver similar performance as the leading pump at half the price 
  • 32 suction and speed settings for maximum milk flow 
  • Multi-phase settings mimic natural breastfeeding 
  • Memory feature remembers which setting works best 
  • Soft silicone breast shields with wide nipple opening for comfort 
  • Digital display clearly indicates your chosen settings 
  • Few parts make cleaning and reassembling easy 
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe 
  • For more information, see the product manual 
  • Includes: 1 pump pnit with easy-grab handle & photo holder, 2 breast shields with valves & membranes, 2 silicone cushions, 2 5-oz breast milk containers with silicone nipples size 1 (slow flow), 2 collars, caps and seal disks for storage and voltage adapter
Breast Feeding Medela Pump & Save 50-Count Breastmilk Bags with Easy-Connect Adapter
  • Compatible with all Medela breastpumps
  • Includes:
    • 50 breastmilk bags
    • 2 easy-connect adapters
    • Instruction manual
  • Made in USA
Breast Feeding MedelaPump & Save 20-Count Breastmilk Bags with Easy-Connect Adapt


  • Pump & Save™ Breastmilk Bags

    Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags save you time and allow for fast, easy breastmilk storage. Pump & Save Bags are compatible with all Medela breastpumps to pump directly into the bag.

    • Save time – pump directly into bag
    • Compatible with all Medela breastpumps - adapters connect directly to breastshields
    • No-leak, easy-to-close zipper top
    • No-spill, stand-up bottom
    • Perfect for fridge or freezer
    • Protective oxygen barrier
    • Made without BPA
    • Includes 2 adapter
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