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Breast Feeding Chicco Stack 1-2-3 High Chair

Meals as Easy as 1-2-3!

Make mealtimes easier from baby through big kid with Stack® 1-2-3. This versatile multichair features 3 unique configurations that grow with baby from highchair, to toddler booster, to youth stool.

Multi-Function + Versatility

In its first mode, Stack® 1-2-3 offers all the convenience of a standard highchair with a machine washable seat pad, 5-point harness and 3-position recline for added comfort. The tray snaps easily onto the armrests for mealtime and onto the rear legs for storage. As baby grows into a toddler, the lightweight highchair seat is easy to detach from its frame to create a high-back booster that secures to dining chairs for meals directly at the table – at home or away. Rubberized, pop-out feet for the booster help protect chairs.

The highchair frame doubles as an easy-access big kid stool with a contoured seat and sturdy backrest. You can even use Stack® 1-2-3 with two children at once: your big kid on the youth stool and your little one in the booster.

Dimensions (Overall): 43 Inches (H) x 28 Inches (W) x 28 Inches (D)

Breast Feeding Replacement Tubing For Spectra S2 Spectra S1 Spectra 9 Plus
  • PumpMom replacement spectra breastpump tubing is made of food grade Silicone – BPA free, and DEHP free.
  • INCLUDES: Two 36″ long silicone tubing. Not Original Spectra Pump Parts.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Silicone Tubing for Spectra S1 Spectra S2 9Plus, Also Suitable Avent Breastpump Ameda Purely Yours Pumps.
  • Can be sanitized with MICRO-STEAM BAG, water steam or boiling water.
Breast Feeding Medela Battery Pack For 9 Volt Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump
  • Offers opportunity for moms to customize their pump to fit their lifestyle
  • Perfect for pumping on the go, no need to worry about finding an outlet
  • Spare unit for work or travel, replacement unit for lost or damaged adaptor
  • Authentic Medela spare parts. Uses 8 aa batteries (not included).
  • The battery container identification of 12V is referencing total voltage of 8 batteries (DC). The reference to use with the 9V pump is reference to pump’s using the 9 V Transformer (AC).
Breast Feeding Premium Spectra Breast Pump Expression Set, Suitable For S1, S2, S9+
  • Replacement / Additional expression set suitable for the Spectra S1, Spectra S2, Spectra 9+ and M1 Electric Breast Pumps.
  • BPA Free
  • All parts that come into contact with breast milk can be sterilized via microwave, electric steam sterilizer or cold water sterilization methods.
  • Do not sterilize the tubing.
  • Original Spectra Parts
Breast Feeding Medela PersonalFit Flex Replacement Connectors

Medela’s PersonalFit Flex Connectors offer a closed system for your Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow, Swing Maxi, and Freestyle Flex breast pumps. Large openings and less parts were designed to make cleaning easier. Great as a spare set or replacement for worn or damaged connectors. Medela Authentic Pump Accessories: Only Medela offers replacement connectors tested and designed to work with your Pump in Style with MaxFlow, Swing Maxi, or Freestyle Flex breast pumps. Includes two complete connectors. Please note PersonalFit Flex Connectors are NOT compatible with Pump in Style Advanced, Freestyle, Sonata, Swing and Harmony breast pumps. Made without BPA, safe for you and baby.

Breast Feeding Chieea wearable breast milk collector

A tool used as a breast milk holder that drips out by itself while performing daily activities. It is used behind the bra so that the bra is not wet. Breast milk that drips can be temporarily accommodated for then accommodated into the bottle.

Breast Feeding Lactation Granola 400grams

This is a healthy mix of Rolled Oats, Nuts and Fruits toasted in the most delicious honey ever! Contains Oats, Almonds, Cashews, Coconut flakes, Dates, Fruit Raisins, Brewer’s yeast, Flax meal, Wheat Germ and Honey.  

It comes in a jar that is easy to grab on the go. Tastes amazing alone but can even taste better with milk as a cereal or with yoghurt as a parfait. Can aid weight loss by helping to keep Mama full.

Rich source of Iron, Fibre, B vitamins, Manganese and Omega 3 acids.

Breast Feeding Lactation Cookies

Pack of 12pc cookies to aid breastfeeding

Breast Feeding Lactation Hot Chocolate 200g by Breastfeeding Nigeria

Breastfeeding Nigeria Lactation hot chocolate 200g helps nursing mothers boost their breast milk. Everything you love about hot chocolate is wrapped up in one package. Our hot chocolate mix is a perfect chocolate drink for nursing mums. It’s chock-full of Chocolate and Brewer’s Yeast. In our brownie products, we use food-based galactagogues such as oats, flaxseed and brewer’s yeast. These three ingredients is a perfect combo to assist breastfeeding moms with their nursing needs.

Breast Feeding Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

Forget huge, loud and complicated automatic pumps which cost hundreds and need to be pulled to pieces and cleaned thoroughly every time you use them. This 100% food grade and simple to use breast pump will change your life – truly. Fits perfectly into any handbag or baby bag and requires no hard work. Also the best travel pump you will find! This compact pump is perfect for long distance trips, planes, car rides, family BBQ’s or anywhere you would like to discretely express, quickly. Simply suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction. 100% safe for mum, baby and our environment.

Breast Feeding Haakaa Double Electric Breast Pump With 150ml Manual Breast Pump

The haakaa electric breast pump is designed to make your pumping experience easier and save your more time. The design has three modes(Memory, Massage, Pumping) and 9 suction levels to select. First you could select the massage mode to soothe your breasts before pumping, then start pumping trip, just simply press the +/- buttons to adjust the suction strength, once you’ve finished pumping, screw the teat attachments onto the bottle to feed your child. And it features an automatic safety shutoff that powers down your pump after 30 minutes of use to prevent over-expressing. The haakaa silicone manual breast pump is the perfect way to support breastfeeding. Small, handheld, portable and convenient, our one-piece design is easy to use and clean, the sleek design is comfortable to use and allows mums to express easily and discreetly

Breast Feeding Phillip Avent Easy Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump
  • A unique design that offers a comfortable pumping position, no need to lean.
  • The design helps also the milk to flow directly from the breast into the bottle.
  • Features a gentle stimulation mode and 4 pumping settings.
  • It starts with a gentle stimulation mode to help your milk flow and you can choose between 4 pumping settings to find the most comfortable milk flow for you.
  • Stores favourite setting, once you start it sets your ideal settings.
  • Soft massage cushion with warm feel to the skin to ensure a comfy and gentle stimulation of the milk flow.
  • Allows you to pause and take a break from pumping, and resume later.
  • Light and compact design which allows you to use at home and on the go.
  • Mimics the babies' suckling rhythm which means that expressing sessions feel natural.
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