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Toiletries Lady Care Sanitary Pad (regular)

Lady Care Regular with Wings comes with a catchy yellow pack. Each pad is designed in line with the female anatomy, and it has customized channels for distribution of flow.

Lady Care with wings features a soft cotton like surface providing soft touch to the skin. The wings and adhesive keeps pad in place.

Lady Care with Wings are individually packed for ease of carry.

Each pack contains 10 pads.


Toiletries Lady Care Sanitary Pad (premium)

Lady Care premium is the newest in our range of products. It comes with a classy new green pack.

Lady Care Premium is made of cotton-like material; soft and comfortable on skin with an anatomical shape that fits conveniently.

Lady Care Premium is lengthened (280 mm) for additional back protection, channels distribute flows and prevent side-leakages.  High quality adhesive keeps pad in place at all times.

Lady Care Premium is individually packed and most suitable for heavy flow.

Each pack contains 8 pads

Toiletries Always Sanitary Pad


Always ultra is so thin thanks to its Gel-X technology that you can almost forget you are wearing a pad

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