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Hospital Necessities (Mother and Child) LAGOON HOSPITAL

We packed this list for all our Lagoon Hospital Moms, items quality are nice and highly recommended for Moms.

5psc * Baby flannels
2psc * Shawls
6psc * Vest 
7psc * Bodysuits 
1psc * Cardigan sets
5psc * Baby caps
3psc * Baby socks
2psc * Baby mittens
52psc * Molfix size 1
1psc * Johnson baby soap
1psc * Baby face towel
1psc * Baby Towel
1psc * Baby sponge and case
4 psc * Huggies or Pampers wipes 
1psc * Medium sized vaselin
1psc * Zinc and castor oil
1psc * Olive oil
1psc * 750ml water flask
1psc * Methylated spirit Moko
1psc * Cot net
2psc * Ladysept sanitary towel
2psc * Always sanitary pad
1psc * Toilet soap
1psc * Tooth paste
1psc * tooth brush Brush
1psc * slippers
50psc* Disposable Breastpad
1psc * Night dress
1psc * Underlay pad
1psc* Traveling bag
4psc* Disposable pants 
Price: #60,000
You can also add the following

Sitz bath: #1600
Savlon 750ml
Dettol : 500ml
Baby cup and spoon

HOSPITAL LIST ₦35,000 (BAG + ITEMS) Li-link 256 cotton buds
  • cotton buds
  • 300pcs
  • to clean your ears
  • light weight
  • easy to use
Hospital Necessities (Mother and Child) UNDER N50K DETAILED HOSPITAL BAG


1.  Bodysuit *7psc 
2.  Sleepsuits*3psc
 3. Baby bibs*3
4. Baby towel*1
5.Baby caps *3
6.Pair of mittens(2 pairs)
7. Zinc and castor oil nappy cream or sudocream
9.4n1 Flanneks and receiving clothes 10.Dele absorbent cotton wool
12. Bathing sponge * 2psc
13. Baby bath wash
14.  Baby oil
15. Huggies baby wipes 56*6
16. Savlon antiseptic(500ml)
17. Cotton bud
18. Huggies baby diaper 20pcs 
19. Goya Extra Virgin Oil
20. Comb set
21. Mucus Extractor & Medicine dropper
22. Knitted CapBaby
 23. Powder( Agnesia)
24. Methylated Spirit(Moko)
25. Hospital bag

1. Disposable breast pad *502psc 
2. Ladysept sanitary pad *2psc
 3.  Nightingale under pad 
4. Bic shaving stick *1
5. Hand sanitizer*1
6. Disposable panties *2

Hospital Necessities (Mother and Child) R-JOLAD HOSPITAL BAG

Baby hospital list will guide all your shopping
All you need for your baby has now been discounted.
Johnson Baby soap
Baby towel
Baby 5n1 comb set
Baby cup and spoon
Olive oil
Methylated spirit
Sponge and sponge case
1 pack of cotton bud.
1 bag of Molfix size1 diaper
2 huggies wipes
4 sleeveless bodysuit (vest)
7n1 bodysuit
1 pack of shawl and knitted cap
4 baby flannels
3pairs of socks 6 sleepsuits
5 units of baby caps
1tooth brush and tooth paste,
1 toiletsoap and soap dish
Sponge, Sponge case
1 mom towel
1 roll on deodorant
1 slippers
6 lady Sept sanitary pad
1 cup and spoon
2 night dresses
1 cake of sunlight
1 cotton wool
1 500ml dettol
2 Nylon bag
2 packs of disposable pant
Coconut oil
Shea butter
Breastfeeding cover
Free bag

Hospital Necessities (Mother and Child) Dettol 500ml

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid is a gentle antiseptic formulated to help protect against infection from cuts, scratches and insect bites. The multi-purpose liquid can also be used as a household disinfectant on surfaces, and to freshen linen by adding to washing. Always read the label. Use only as directed.

The active germ-killing ingredient in Dettol is in fact 4-chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol, also known by its non-systematic name para-chloro-meta-xylenol or PCMX, Figure 4. The prefix para is a non-systematic way of indicating the 4- position on the benzene ring, ie opposite the −OH group. Meta indicates the 3- and 5- positions.



2 x Fitted Bed sheets
1 x Baby Cot Net


88 x Baby Diapers
1 x Baby Change Bag
3 x Baby Hooded Towels
6*54 Baby Wipes
1 X Change mat
4 x Baby Washcloths
1 x Soft torch Brush and Comb Set
1 x Nuby Baby Teether
1 x chicco Diaper Cream
2 x Baby Sponge
1 x Medicine dispenser
1 x Finger Toothbrush

1 x hanger


6 x Unisex Sleepsuits
1 x Baby Christening Shawl
4 x Flannels
7 x Unisex Bodysuits(you may be requested for gender)
5 x Baby Socks
5 x Unisex Baby Caps(you may be requested for gender)


1 x Chicco Boppy Pillow

5 x Disposable women pants

10 x Unisex Newborn Bibs

100  x Tommee tippee Nursing Breast Pads

1 X 125ml of tommee tippee feeding bottle

1 x 250ml of tommee tippee feeding bottle



1 Dele Absorbent cotton wool BP
1 Mentholated spirit
1 Goya Extra Virgin Olive oil
1 Mentolata
1 Bathing towel/foam sponge
1 shawl 
1 towel 
2 Sleep suits 
2 Body suits 
1 baby cap and pair of mittens
1 Johnsons head to toe baby wash 
1 Johnsons baby oil 
4psc of Huggies pure baby Wipes
20pcs of Huggies diapers
1 Savlon Antiseptic 
1 johnson cotton buds


2 packs of Ladysept super hygienic sanitary towels 
1sure invisible body spray

1 coconut oil
1 Bic shaving stick 
1 nursing Cover
1 Hand sanitizer 
1 avent disposable breast pad Nursing 

Hospital Necessities (Mother and Child) Bimbo pack Shawl

BIMBO® Baby Shawl. 100% Acrylic. Lovely knitted designs.
Outstanding Value

Hospital Necessities (Mother and Child) Methylated Spirit

Moko Methylated spirits contains 95% v/v Isopropyl alcohol B. P and it is indicated for sterilizing surfaces, medicals, cuts and lacerations

Hospital Necessities (Mother and Child) Lady Sept Sanitary Pad

Short description


  • It is natural , cool and highly absorbent
  • It ensures a safer, comfortable and secure feeling for you
  • Lady Sept is super hygienic
  • Professionals delight
  • Main and the best choice for safe delivery
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