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Food Prep and Storage Fresh Baby Food Chopper and Steamer

Munchkin’s new Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer is an innovative tool that allows moms to chop food quickly with its stainless steel cutting blade and then steam it in the microwave.

The two-in-one product comes equipped with a cleaning tool and dishwasher-safe parts, and it is BPA free.

Food Prep and Storage Vital Baby BabyFood Pro Review

Vital Baby’s BabyFood Pro caters for all stages of your baby’s development, from bottle warming to self-feeding. This multifunctional blender makes preparing fresh, healthy and nutritious meals easy and can be tailored depending on your baby’s stage of development, from first purees to chunkier foods. Steam and blend all your favourite foods including fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. The blender helps to retain nutrients and ensures that your baby is eating healthy, delicious meals, by making use of the residual water to aid the smooth blending of your homemade foods.

Food Prep and Storage Tommee Tippee Mini Blend Baby Food Blender
  • Blend home-made baby food in minutes - perfect for small portions.
  • Suitable for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.
  • Make food in a mixture of textures from smooth purees to chunky meals.
  • Control textures with 2-speed settings and pulse action.
  • Bowl, lid and blade are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.
Food Prep and Storage Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier - Fresh Food Nibbler, Infant Fruit Teething Toy, Silicone Pouches for Toddlers MZ


100% brand new.

Perfect small handle let every baby enjoy the food by self, allows your baby to take a full variety of nourishment in addition to the breast milk.

Let your baby be adaptive to various tastes at early age and avoid a bad habit of fussy.

Suitable for most kind of food and can be carried on the trip. 
Also a great tool when your baby is teething. 
Material: Food grade silicone and PP 
size: S (For Children over 4 months) 
Color : Random 

Package included: 
1x Baby food feeder 

Food Prep and Storage Tommee Tippee Baby Food Blender
  • Ideal for blending small portions of food
  • Two speed setting for different textures purees, mash and chunks
  • Easy to clean-container and blade suitable for dishwasher
  • Lid safety lock; dimensions: 15 x 20 x 16 cm
  • Watt: 150; voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz

    From the manufacturer

    Make Fabulous Fresh Food

    The two-speed settings and pulse action can easily handle fruit, vegetables, fish and meat for a variety of healthy and nutritious meals.

    Don’t be upset if they don’t like things. Babies like foods that are familiar. You may need to offer a new food ten times before your baby will like it, so just don’t force matters, just wait until next time.

    Make fabulous fresh food for your baby in a range of textures. The two speed settings and pulse action can easily handle fruit, vegetables, fish and meat for a variety of healthy and nutritious meals.





    Worry-Free Weaning

    Don’t be upset if they don’t like things. Babies like foods that are familiar. You may need to offer a new food ten times before your baby will like it, so just don’t force matters, just wait until next time.


    Letting your little one feed themselves is great for their development, but give yourself a break! Try placing a plastic mat under their high chair, use a bib that catches crumbs and consider a cup with a non-spill valve.

    Say no to salt, sugar and stock cubes. Try not to add these to food or cooking water - they simply don’t need it! If you’re cooking for the whole family, you may want to take out their portion first before adding extras.

Food Prep and Storage Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer

The fresh food chopper and steamer makes preparing fresh meals easy. This 2-in-1 chopper and steamer chops with a single hand motion and steams quickly in the microwave so you can prepare homemade baby food for your baby. Munchkin’s fresh feeding line has everything you need to prepare healthy, homemade baby food. The 2-in-1 chops and steams quickly, the stainless steel cutting blade dices for easy steaming. Sliding lid converts from chopper to vented steamer for the microwave, The cleaning tool and dishwasher safe parts makes cleaning easy. The lid also slides to airtight storage position so your food stays fresh if you take a break after chopping

Food Prep and Storage chicco Easy Meal Baby Food System 6+

Chicco Easy Meal Baby Food System 6+

Chicco’s Easy Meal System makes everyday life with a tiny human a lot easier. Right from breastfeeding time to the weaning period, this entire system provides you with great possibilities to store formula, snacks and the like. This way you always have the right box easy to reach – they are leak-proof and super easy to feed your child from or for snacking something healthy on the go.

The Easy Meal Baby Food System 6+ comes with two containers that hold 180 ml each and one container that holds 300 ml. All of these containers guarantee leak-proof transport of puree, baby food or snacks. When stored in the fridge or freezer they can be stacked on top of each other to save space. Each lid comes with a comfortable notch for easy grip, a measuring scale as well as a label on which you can write down the date and the contents.

All containers of Chicco’s Easy Meal collection are interchangeable and feature an innovative linkage system so that they can be slotted together for transporting them safely.

Tip: The two containers that hold 180 ml each fit perfectly into the Easy Meal Steam Cooker. Chicco’s unique and versatile containers stand out as the ideal kitchen alliances which make storing, transporting and warming food as well as feeding your child super easy.

Food Prep and Storage Mix & Learn Blender

What’s on the menu? A smoothie? A milkshake? A frappe? Baby’s your barista, with 3 “fruit” balls to put & take in the toy blender’s pitcher. Time to mix things up! When little ones press down on the pitcher, they’ll see the balls whirl ‘round ‘n ‘round ‘n round and hear fun songs & phrases about counting. 
The on/off buttons teach opposites & colors and activate real blender sounds. There’s even a roller ball for fun finger play — hear songs & phrases about food or the ABCs. Mmmmm…what a delicious way to pretend, play and learn!





  • What’ll you have? 3 “fruit” balls for fun put & take play
  • Mix it up! Push down on the toy blender pitcher to make the balls go ‘round & ‘round
  • Press the on/off buttons for real blender sounds and phrases about opposites & colors
  • Bat at the roller ball to trigger fun food & blender songs — and traditional learning content like ABCs
  • Teaches foods, counting, opposites & colors
  • Baby’s actions make fun things happen — a delicious introduction to cause & effect!
  • Hands-on activities help stir up fine motor skills
  • Requires 2 AA batteries(not included)
Food Prep and Storage Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine

Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes. When baby arrives there's so much to do and to think about, so many things to juggle, so much that's new and challenging. That's why Tommee Tippee has created the Perfect Prep machine. Specially designed to make preparing formula bottles quicker and more accurate, Perfect Prep gives parents the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing Baby's bottle will be perfect every time. 

Product Features 
- Makes a fresh bottle, at the correct temperature, in less than two minutes 
- Filter system removes impurities present in water 
- Initial ‘hot shot’ of water kills bacteria that may be present in formula 
- Dispenses correct amount of water for a more accurate and consistent dilution 
- The Perfect Prep Machine works with any powdered formula milk 

What's in the box? 
1x Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine 
1x Closer to Nature filter 
1x Closer to Nature 5floz/ 150ml feeding bottle with slow flow nipple 
1x Closer to Nature Milk Storage Lid 
1x Instructions Leaflet


Healthy, homemade baby food is at your fingertips--the Philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender is ideal for every stage of weaning. Simply pop the veg in, steam, then turn the jug upside down and blitz. Quick Tip: Monitor the cooking time and turn off the dial (there is no automatic timer) when you're happy with the results. Philips AVENT baby food steamer blender Three blending speeds allow you to serve up age-appropriate meals Avoid the hassle of purchasing expensive, pre-made jars of mush. With the Combined Steamer and Blender, you get the reassurance of knowing exactly what your baby is eating. Philips AVENT baby food steamer blender Even the fussiest eaters will enjoy mealtime Steam fruit, vegetables, fish or meat Philips AVENT baby food steamer blender Steam the ingredients, then simply flip over to blend The AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender is not just for vegetables. You can also use it for steaming fruit, meat and fish--anything that suits your baby’s tastes (or the contents of your fridge). The Steamer and Blender’s efficient steam cycle means that food is cooked optimally to maintain its original texture, nutrients and cooking liquids. Includes a recipe booklet The Steamer and Blender also comes with a booklet of age-appropriate recipes, information on weaning and some helpful advice, to make things easier at home during the weaning process. Easy to clean and store The compact design of the Philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender makes storage convenient. Plus, with only a few parts, it’s also simple to clean--important for busy parents.

Food Prep and Storage Nuby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender

StarBuy792015 Why Choose Us Nuby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender Kit contains everything you need to make, store and feed homemade baby foodFor different weaning stages adjust the blender to make 1st stage perfect purees, 2nd stage chunkier textures and 3rd stage mini-mealsTwo blades: one baby blade for blending and one for fine milling of porridge oats or cerealsWith steamer basket accessory (that fits into the large batch bowl), which can be used to steam fruits/veggies in your own microwaveHas both a large batch bowl for making quantities to store for later and small short cup for making purees to feed straight away For 1st stage perfect purees simply push the short cup or batch bowl into place and hold. Or use the milling blade to finely grind porridge oats or cereals for first breakfasts. For 2nd stage chunkier textures, simply push and pulse. And for 3rd stage mini meals simply push to dice. If you are making purees to feed straight away, use the smaller capacity short cup. Or if you are making meals to store or freezer for later, use the larger capacity batch bowl.

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