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Laundry Persil Non Bio Gentle Next to Skin Tough On Stains

Non-Biological Washing Powder.

Tough on stain removal, Kind on skin!

With wash boosters.

Brilliant results at lower or higher temperatures.

Dermatologically tested.

Removes the toughest of stains, even in a quick wash.

Laundry Comfort Blue skies Fabric Conditioner 36 Wash 1.26L

Comfort Blue skies Fabric Conditioner 36 Wash 1.26L

Laundry Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner 36 Washes 1.26L

Specifically designed for sensitive skin, Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner is dermatologically tested and safe to use for all the family. Developed using skincare research recognised by the British Skin Foundation, Comfort Pure also keeps fibres smoother for outstanding softness that feels gentle against sensitive skin. Gentle and delicate on babies’ skin, this sensitive fabric conditioner is great for you and your little ones. Add it to your washing, along with your favourite laundry detergent, for clothes that are softer and easier to iron.1.26 Litres. Lasts for 36 washes based on recommended dose for a 4 - 5kg load. Warning:Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Laundry Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner 36 Wash 1.26L

Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner 1.26L Be swept away to breezy summer days with each wash when you use Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner 1.26L. Treat your favorite clothes to a drop of sunshine, giving them extra freshness with a soft touch* thanks to Comfort’s unique odour protection formula. Our fabric softener also saves you time by promoting fast drying clothes that are easier to iron. This means you can enjoy a little more fun in the sunshine, and your clothes will be bursting with the fresh smell of summer. How to use: Pour a 35ml dose of Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner 1.26L straight into the correct compartment of your washing machine drawer along with your favorite laundry detergent. Do not pour directly on to fabrics. Choose the correct wash setting and let your machine take care of the rest, as it releases the fabric softener during the final rinse cycle. Using Comfort fabric conditioner in every wash helps smooth fabric fibres, maintains garment colour and shine, and keeps your family’s clothes looking and feeling their best So make Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner 1.26L an essential part of your laundry day and your clothes will glow with all the warmth of a glorious summer’s day.. Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner 1.26L provides clothes with a fresh smell, exceptional softness and a fantastic fragrance. Enjoy extra freshness with a soft touch (Versus concentrated Comfort Pure). Protects clothes against unwanted odours with Comfort’s long lasting odour protection formula. Softens fabric fibres to leave clothes feeling soft and gentle on your skin. Regular use promotes fast drying clothes and makes your clothes easier to iron. Use with your favorite laundry detergent. Comfort

Laundry Wonder home Cloth Hanger Rack - 3 Tier

Save Space and time with the double pole 3-Tier cloth Rack. Made from high-grade steel, this Cloth rack gives you more rows to air your clothes while still saving space. It is also easy to move around. Sturdy and easy to move

Laundry Clothes double pole Hanger/Dryer

3-Tier Indoor & Outdoor Clothes Hanger Rack is finally going to free up your shower rods and over the door racks from hanging laundries for air drying. With ample drying space, this dryer is perfect for the bathroom, utility room, kitchen or balcony, and its easy lock mechanism means you won't struggle putting it up and down either. It has horizontal racks that can be folded down to make room for your dresses, trousers and longer items.

This indoor and outdoor clothing airier is constructed of PVC or powder coated tubes that won't allow rust. It folds flat when not in use, so you can store it in minimal space. Features of Fes Ultimate 3 Tier Clothes Hanger Rack Comes with a free laundry bag Constructed with rust-resistant PVC/powder coated tubes Its easy lock mechanism means you won't struggle putting it up and down either!With 4 sturdy wheels, you can roll it wherever you want it, indoor or out 2 side wings to hang garments on hangers 

Laundry Purex Baby Laundry Detergent

Gentle on baby’s skin. Tough on baby’s messes.

You want the best for your baby, and so do we. Purex Baby Laundry Detergent is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and formulated to be extra gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin.

Purex baby detergent leaves your baby’s clothes fresh and clean with a soft baby scent. For the value, quality and gentle care of your little one – the price can’t be beat!


  • formulated especially for Baby's soft skin
  • hypoallergenic & dye-free
  • dermatologist-tested

Laundry Tip

Did you know that all baby clothes should be washed before you use them? It's important to give baby clothes a good wash because newborns usually have sensitive skin, and washing removes residues and other irritants.

Make washing all those teeny-tiny pieces easier by placing them in a mesh bag during washing and drying. Make sure to fasten all fasteners to keep the baby clothing from getting caught or damaged.

By law, children's sleepwear is flame-resistant and Purex Baby Laundry Detergent keeps the sleepwear safe and clean for baby to use.

Also, don't forget to read the garment's care label to keep that item looking just as perfect as the day you bought it.


Laundry Chamdol Drying for laundry (133 / red)
  • Type: floor flooding
  • Protection against accidental closing: yes
  • Working surface length: 20 m

    Working surface length

    20 m

    Number of rods / tubes


    additional characteristics

    Material: Polypropylene

    The weight

    5.12 kg



Laundry Beldray Turquoise Classic 3 Tier Airer

Save money on tumble drying and look after the environment with this brilliant turquoise clothes airer. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, it is strong and durable so you can leave your washing outside on a warm day and be confident that it will not end up on the floor. With a generous amount of drying space you can use it for clothes, towels or bedding with enough room for a whole load of laundry. When your clothes are dry, simply fold the airer and conveniently store it ready for next time.

  • Dry your freshly cleaned clothes naturally outside in the sun or in your laundry room on a rainy day using this classic Beldray airer.
  • Made from steel with a clean powder coated finish, the airer is strong and secure, so you can simply unfold it ready for use.
  • With 3 tiers and 2 side wings, you can position your clothes with a nice amount of space between them so they can dry thoroughly.
  • The line is made from tough 3mm wire which is long lasting and durable, so you can be confident that it will not snap during use.
  • The airer measures 65l x 45w x 138h cm when opened and has a huge amount of drying space, so you can air a large load of laundry
Laundry Persil Bio Liquid Detergent 1.4
  • Best ever formula, bottle design and clever stain eraser ball, which can also be used as a pre-treater
  • Removes the toughest stains, even in a quick wash
  • Perfect for measuring exact dosage
  • Bio liquid detergent in an innovative, multifunctional bottle
  • Gives 40 washes
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