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Baby Crib Bedding Set Bumper

Cot spreads and Bedsheets

When a child sleeps in a crib, she or can have quite active and exciting dreams. While dreaming, the kid is so active that she can actively spin and move her legs and arms. To prevent such sudden movements from causing discomfort or even injuries, it is important to take good care to make the cot safe and soft.

The simplest and yet most effective solution is a soft bumper that is securely attached to the crib and completely eliminates the risk of injury. Bumpers are easy to install using strong ties and they protect the newborn from bruises and drafts.

How the bed is decorated and set up has great importance. Isn’t it pleasant to admire beautiful side cushions with stars and owls and designer soft pads with high-quality embroidery of kittens and puppies? These beautiful touches will turn the baby's bed into a fairy-tale kingdom!

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