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Bamboo Fiber Kids Feeding Set - 5 Pcs

Plates, Cups and Cuttleries

  • COMPLETE BAMBOO DINNER SET FOR ANY MEALTIME : This colourful dinner set is specially designed for little ones! It includes a small bowl a bamboo cup a plate for children a spoon and a fork.
  • LET KIDS LEARN TO SELF-FEED WITH CONFIDENCE : Bamboo fibre is naturally lightweight making our 5 pieces of kids dining set easy for little hands to hold.And build up their confidence through feeding them selves alone gradually daily.
  • Easy to clean - bamboo fibers are antibacterial and oil resistant. Easy cleaning in the dishwasher. Dish-washer safe. Please use at 0 ° C-82 ° C. Does not apply to microwave ovens.
  • Daily use - Children use the dinnerware set to eat while promoting the flexible movement of the fingers and the coordination ability of the hands eyes and mouth.
  • With cute animal pattern and bright color the children bamboo tableware set is very cute for your baby and let your baby fall in love with eating.
Weight: 1.50kg
Location: Lagos
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