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Infant Head Support Pillow - Butterfly


Baby Pillow Butterfly Support Head for Baby Infant Newborn. Due to its special profile – it is flat under a head and its sides are gently filled – the Butterfly supports a head gently and perfectly adjusts to a child's position. The Butterfly Pillow diminishes shocks and provides comfort during a car ride or a pram walk on an uneven surface. The Butterfly Pillow is recommended from the very first days. The special construction of the pillow adjusts to child's anatomy and needs: * Prevents neck distortions. *The Pillow diminishes shocks and sidewards moves during a pram walk or a car ride. * It prevents micro damages and hits during head stabilisation process (4-8 months). The Pillow is proper: – outdoors – for a pram or an infant car seat – indoors – for a baby changing table, during a play, nap or wherever you want to use it. Dimensions: Height 28 x40 cm (11” x 15.7")

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