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GERBER 8pcs Baby Wash Cloth

Towels , Wash clothes and Burp Clothes


Gerber wash cloth. 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Super absorbent &, soft. Decorative cot edging. Knit terry. Assorted colours. 8 pcs pack.

Available in different designs and multicolors

  • soft
  • colorful
  • good quality


The drool towel is a magic weapon to protect clothes. With it, mothers will never have to worry about clothes getting wet. Saliva towel most can be caused by cotton cloth + waterproof fabrics, and other common fabrics still have gauze towel, plastic to wait.For newborns, plastic bibs are clearly out of place.


The main function of saliva towel is to wipe saliva, milk and all kinds of auxiliary food, protect clothes.In the baby four months or so, salivary glands will gradually develop, this time baby's saliva will increase, the saliva towel will be very useful.


The use of the saliva towel


The use of saliva towel besides wipe saliva, protect clothes outside, gauze the saliva towel of cloth still can use at bath of baby, wipe perspiration and wash a face.When washing gauze slobber towel, use cool water, wash gently by hand, do not wring hard to dry hard, after washing the shape of triangle towel gently leveling, then dry naturally.

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