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Separated bed

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 Separated baby bed


  • This folding bed can be taken anywhere because it is mobile and easy to carry, giving your baby a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Easy to install, convenient for mothers to use; Made of breathable material; cartoon graphics are loved by babies.
  • With comfortable and breathable baby pillow, the baby's head can be rotated freely to adjust the baby's head type. Filled cotton is suitable for baby, and it is comfortable and ventilated to protect your baby's fragile bones.
  • With BMC architecture, it is light and firm, prevents adults from pressing on the baby when turning over, preventing the baby from falling.
  • Integrated zipper design for easy installation of the music boxes, easy to clean and disassemble.


  • Easy to install.
  • With comfortable baby pillow.
  • Firm PP frame to prevent your baby from falling.
  • With music box, to calm your baby and make him sleep peacefully.
  • Integrated zipper design for easy removal.
  • Bring your own mosquito net to prevent your baby from being bitten by mosquitoes.
Weight: 3.00kg
Location: Lagos
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