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Jumbo King Baby wardrobe

Wardrobe, Cabinet and Cupboard

This is an essential item for nursing mother's because it helps to easily arrange your baby's items at different chambers of the cabinet. It has four chambers, easy to open and spacious for enough baby materials,ranging from cloths,pampers,drugs etc. You can buy this item as a gift for a wedding, naming etc. It is very durable and of high quality.
Material: Senior PP copolymer material

PP Material Overview: PP plastic, chemical name: Polypropylene
English name: Polypropylene (referred to as PP)

PP is a crystalline polymer, commonly used plastic PP lightest density of only 0.91g / cm3 (less than water);

GE Plastics, heat-resistant PP of the best, the thermal deformation temperature of 80-100 , can be cooked in boiling water;

PP has good stress crack resistance, good bending fatigue life, commonly known as "pleated plastic";

overall performance is better than PE PP material. PP product lightweight, good patience, good chemical resistance;

daily life, is commonly used by the PP crisper material.

Weight: 9.00kg
Location: lagos
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