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Chicco Cosmos Eletta Comfort Car Seat Group 0 1 - 0 18 kg black night black

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Product Description

Buy it once and use it for four years - the Chicco Cosmos Eletta Comfort car seat group 0 1 - 0 18 kg combines the advantages of a baby car seat with the advantages of a safe, comfortable child’s car seat. You can use this car seat immediately following your baby’s birth (car seat group 0); the included seat liner transforms the Chicco Eletta’s seat surface into a reclined surface suitable for babies. In here, your newborn can feel right at home until they reach an age of approx. 18 months.

Since the Cosmos Eletta Comfort can be adjusted until horizontal, your baby will get the exact same experience as they would in a ‘normal’ baby car seat. Important note: When used as a baby car seat, the Chicco Cosmos Eletta Comfort car seat must be mounted facing backwards in the car.

Once your baby reaches 9 months of age, you can remove the seat liner and enjoy your fully-functioning car seat belonging to car seat group 1 (for children up to 4 years of age - or 9-18 kg). Now your little one will get to enjoy the roomy seat and the softly padded, airy cover of the Chicco Eletta car seat. This can be quickly removed and washed at any time.

Parents know exactly what their children want. With the Chicco Cosmos Eletta Comfort you have a choice of four different ‘resting positions’ – from the upright, seated position to the sleeping position. Regardless of whether your child is currently exploring the world with curious eyes, or if they would rather fall asleep, thanks to the safety belt buckle practically nothing can happen to them in either position. The seat position is easy to adjust with just one hand using the adjuster. You don’t need anything else for the correct quick placement of the safety belt! This way there’ll be no belt twisting and no pressure build-up.

Should there be an accident or emergency stop, your child’s head will be perfectly protected, and the integrated polystyrene shock absorber will safely absorb the impact of the crash.

Description special features

  • Combination of a baby car seat and child's car seat
  • To attach facing against the direction the car is driving in: From birth up to approx. 18 months (up to 13kg, ECE group 0+)
  • To attach facing the same direction the car is driving in: From approx. 9 months up to 4 years of age (9-18kg, ECE group 1)
  • Seat liner included, for use in the baby car seat
  • Side Safety System for optimal protection in the case of side impact
  • Shock absorber made of polystyrene
  • Horizontally adjustable in 4 ways
  • Roomy seat area
  • Cover is removable and washable
  • Safety belt buckle comes with belt pads
Weight: 10.00kg
Location: lagos
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