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Doctor set

Party store and custome

It's never too early to start your little one on the path to a good career. And this Future Doctor Child Costume is the first step. He may not be coordinated enough to start using the stethoscope, but his cute smile and babyish bedside manner are all he needs to cure any ill feelings and perk up your spirits. He can intern by helping his stuffed animals or dolls that need professional attention. As he gains more experience, he can start practicing his medicinal charms on family members!

  • One of the basic tenets of the medical profession is to keep clean, and the green cap, shirt and pants of the operating scrubs will do just that.
  • The white lab coat tells potential patients that he's an MD, a fact confirmed by the print on it that says "Dr. Q.T. Patootie."
  • The oversized plush stethoscope will pick up any faux heartbeats, and if there are any problems, your little medico can find the solution in his plush doctor's bag, made from faux-leather and appliqued with a white cross.
  • Includes: Scrubs, Coat, Stethoscope, Cap, Bag.
  • Does not include shoes
  • 3years to 7
Weight: 1.00kg
Location: lagos,Nigeria
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