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Moses Basket for Babies - Swing 2-1- Pinky

Bouncers , Rockers and Swingers

Mums and dads sure know how those little ones love to be rocked all day and night, but truth be told it is a whole new kind of job that needs a lot of patience and strength from above.

Why not relief yourself a bit by getting this adorable baby swing that just doesnt get tired of helping you rock your cute little one.

With hanging play toys and kiddies lullaby, trust your baby to giggle while giving that appreciating silent thank you through that charming smile.

Made from 100% high quality cotton. Soft, safe and skin-friendly fabric. Maximum breathability. High quality mesh net ensures that your baby is safe from mosquitoes. The carton handle makes it easy to carry.
100% Brand new and high quality.
Keep your baby away from mosquito, flies, insects and other annoying bugs, giving your baby a saft and quiet place to sleeping


Weight: 7.00kg
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