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MAM Anti Colic Bottle Set 160ml white 3 packs

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MAM Feed & Soothe Set

Developed with medical practitioners, leading pediatric dentists and developmental psychologists, MAM Anti-Colic Bottles and Pacifiers combine technological innovation and trendsetting design to help give babies a healthy start in life. All MAM products are 100% baby safe: BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free and CPSIA-compliant.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles

The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle makes the switch between bottle feeding and breastfeeding easier. Patented ventilation holes in the bottle’s base regulate the pressure balance of baby’s milk, allowing it to flow evenly without bubbles or air pockets for reduced gas and colic symptoms. 80% of parents who have tested the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle with their babies have experienced no more air swallowing, relaxed drinking and quiet nights. The wide openings at both ends of the bottle allow for effortless filling and cleaning, and an innovative self-sterilizing feature lets busy parents sterilize an empty bottle in the microwave with a few simple steps. The spill-proof cap protects nipple from dirt and also works as measuring cup thanks to integrated scale – even for the smallest amounts. (Market research 2009, tested with 131 mothers)

MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipples

Naturally breast-feeding is best, but MAM makes the switch back-and-forth between breast and bottle easy. Like the MAM pacifier nipples, the nipple on the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle features a symmetrical shape and brushed silicone feel. After trying MAM’s Ultra Soft Symmetrical Nipple, 94% of babies accepted MAM’s patented Silk Nipple because it felt more like mom. (Market research 2008-2010 of 995 babies)

MAM Pacifiers

MAM pacifiers give babies the best start in life because they are designed and developed by pediatric dentists and orthodontists. MAM's attention to detail and work with developmental psychologists have resulted in a wide variety of pacifier sizes that suits baby's various developmental stages. The anatomically correct pacifiers allow for healthy jaw and teeth development and ensure a maximum level of comfort for babies of all ages. All MAM pacifiers feature an orthodontically correct nipple design that allows little ones to safely satisfy their sucking reflex while maintaining proper jaw and tooth alignment. Using the pacifier is easy, the symmetrical nipple allows for the pacifier to be placed in the baby’s mouth “right-side up” or “upside down” – no need to worry about uneven pressure on incoming front teeth or palate. MAM offers a variety of pacifier sizes that suit a range of developmental stages to create a perfect fit for baby's oral cavity while providing the greatest amount of safety and comfort. Each nipple individually adapts to baby’s mouth so it is always in the right position. MAM pacifiers feature an easy-to-grasp front knob and a curved shield for a comfortable fit that’s gentle on baby’s skin, thanks to generous air holes and MAM’s patented interior surface. Easy to Clean MAM Pacifiers are also top-rack dishwasher safe.

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