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Chicco Eletta Comfort B. Car Seat

Car seats and Travel Systems

It has to be installed rear facing facing from 0 - 9 kgs and front facing from 9 -18 kgs, always after having decativated the air bags
Mini-reducer in 3D breathable fabric,more comfortable for baby
Rounded design, to emphasize comfort and softness
Padded side wings more protection for new borns
Eletta Comfort, it will care for your baby up to over 3 years!

Eletta Comfort it has been homologated according to European Safety Standard ECE R44/04, in order to carry babies from birth up to 18 kgs.

The insert cushion for newborns, the comfy seat and the reclining system guarantees the maximum level of comfort during the growth of your baby.

How to install

It can be easily installed in the rear – facing position from 0 up to 13 kgs, following the light blue indicators and disabling the airbag, and in the forward – facing position from 9 up to 18 kgs, following the red indicators.

Reclining system

To assure peaceful naps, the car seat can be easily reclined to 4 different positions, passing from the seated position to the reclined one. 



The Ergòs insert cushion is suitable for babies up to 6 kgs. The lateral paddings properly embraces the baby’s head, hips and legs, and the wedge ensures the optimal position of the spine



Eletta Comfort assures the right mix of comfort and safety to elder children too. The comfy spacious seat guarantees more space for the legs of the baby and the soft paddings ensures the best comfort for peaceful travels.

Group 0+/1


Eletta Comfort has been homologated according to ECE R44/04 standards, in order to carry babies from birth up to 18 kgs. When it is used as a Group 0+ (0 – 13 kgs, 15 months approximately), the car seat has to be installed in the rear – facing configuration, with the airbag disabled

Weight: 8.00kg
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