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NUK First Choice 150ml Bottle with Latex Teat & Anti-colic Air System 0-6m BPA free

Bottles Feeding

NUK First Choice+ Bottles are designed to be used with First Choice+ Teats. The First Choice+ Teat replicate a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and features the special, orthodontic, asymmetrical NUK shape, an extra wide lip support and new extra soft tip to fit baby’s mouth perfectly, simulating breastfeeding as closely as possible – so true to nature that most babies hardly notice the difference. The latex material is popular with many parents because it is softer and more flexible which can make it easier for some babies to adapt to, it is also more bite resistant. Clinically proven for optimal combination of breast and bottle feeding. The NUK improved Anti-Colic Air System helps to prevent colic by allowing air to flow into the bottle through a vent. This ensures that no air is swallowed during feeding.

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Location: Lagos
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