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Haakaa Double Electric Breast Pump With 150ml Manual Breast Pump

Breast Feeding

The haakaa electric breast pump is designed to make your pumping experience easier and save your more time. The design has three modes(Memory, Massage, Pumping) and 9 suction levels to select. First you could select the massage mode to soothe your breasts before pumping, then start pumping trip, just simply press the +/- buttons to adjust the suction strength, once you’ve finished pumping, screw the teat attachments onto the bottle to feed your child. And it features an automatic safety shutoff that powers down your pump after 30 minutes of use to prevent over-expressing. The haakaa silicone manual breast pump is the perfect way to support breastfeeding. Small, handheld, portable and convenient, our one-piece design is easy to use and clean, the sleek design is comfortable to use and allows mums to express easily and discreetly

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