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Aiebao Hipseat Baby Carrier


Aiebao 6612 Four Seasons 3 in 1 Hipseat Sling can be used in 3 modes hipseat, soft structured carrier (SSC), and combination. Besides this sling is suitable for use in tropical countries like Indonesia because it has windows that can be opened and closed so that optimal air circulation and the baby is not hot.

Carrying a child has many benefits, you know?

  • Establish a bond between the baby and mother
  • Baby is calmer
  • Stimulate children to communicate / talk more easily
  • Better brain development, this is because the baby always feels calm
  • Maximizing skin to skin. When there is skin to skin, the mother secretes the hormone oxytocin, so that it can help postpartum recovery.

At present the shape of aids holding a baby quite a lot and varied. One of them is the Hip Seat model, this model was chosen for various reasons;

  • Load distribution is divided between the shoulders with the waist evenly so that the mother does not easily get aches / neck pain.
  • Can be used in combination with either a hip seat or a hip seat carrier. Just hip seat is used for speed when carrying because only one part is installed.
  • Safe design for baby’s growth.

AIEBAO Hipseat Baby Carrier is a choice of brands on the market that comes with a relatively cheap price but with good quality.


  • Can be used from newborns up to 36 months of age, or babies weighing 3.5kg to 20kg.
  • Can be used on 3 models; hipseat only, SSC only, and a combination of hipseat plus SSC.
  • Hipseat pads are made of a material that is comfortable to be occupied by your child.
  • Velcro plus system belt is equipped with a buckle so it is more safety.
  • Shoulder pad is soft and durable, thickness is 30mm.
  • Thighs have pads for the baby to be more comfortable.
  • There are pockets in the waist belt for storing accessories (cellphones, keys, or others).
  • At the front there is a bag that can be rolled down so that it functions as a window when the weather is hot.
  • There are attractive color choices.
Weight: 15.00kg
Location: Lagos
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